Hello. We’re Clevermint, a Digital Strategy Agency specialized in B2B/B2E solutions.

We are a fast growing digital strategy agency focused on creating value for companies trough innovative solutions. We transform features in benefits.

Our typical clients face digital/tech problematics within their companies and are at earlier stages of their digital transformation process.

From selling to co-creating, we accompany our clients through their digital challenges.

We are active in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

We're focused on

Providing our client with agile and structured-driven approaches.


Identifying the Pain-point(s)

Whether big issues or small, we gain insight into the process by analyzing the as-is situation, learning what we’re willing to achieve, and tailoring this information to the most adapted concept for improving the situation.

Targeting the User

A content-first approach to user experience design requires a rigorous and user-focused assessment of your content in order to deliver only the content the user wants, when they want it.

Creating the Concept

The conceptualization phase of a project occurs in the initial design activity when the scope of the project is drafted and requirements are created. Being able to think ahead about the conceptualization of a project will help to predict if it is worth trying.

Determining & developing the Technology

To successfully transform the process into a digital experience, you need to have the most appropriate technology for the required usage, that’s not necessarily the preferred technology of your subcontractor, but the simply the one that suits your users’ needs.

The paint-point, the user, the moment of usage and the context.

Define – Design

The concept – The UX and UI Strategy.


The platform, process and people.


KPIs and results to monitor performance, engagement and ROI.

Our strength: a measurable, result-driven approach

All the way up, from the root cause to tangible results. From the idea to the solution.

Some of the projects we’ve worked on

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

Human Resources

Improve employee satisfaction and engagement

Employee centric solutions


  • Improve internal communication
  • Retrieve field information
  • Give incentives to the staff
  • Simplify daily tasks


~10% efficiency increase
250k€ value delivered


Generate more Leads - Improve the Business - Increase the brand recognition - Retain your customers

e-commerce website


  • Reach out to a larger audience
  • Close more sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Automate ordering process


~20% efficiency increase
400k€ value delivered

Sales Team

Generate more Sales

Digitalized Salesforce


  • Access to product information
  • Make professional demos
  • Create offline tablet simulations
  • Support sales team
  • Convert more leads


~10% increase in sales
300k€ value delivered

Field Technicians

Make their jobs safer and easier

Mobility for field people


  • Give the right information, to the right person at the right moment
  • Ease daily tasks
  • Increase productivity


~15% in efficiency gains
150k€ value delivered

Facility Management

Increase Productivity - Reduce (hidden) costs

Facility operations tracking


  • Help employees notifying issues
  • Track the follow-up of the problem
  • Help facility team retrieve the required information

~10% efficiency gains
150k€ value delivered

Fleet Management

IoT as a solution for an internal problem

Increase in employees satisfaction


  • Manage the cars fleet of an organization
  • Encourage car sharing amongst employees


~20% effiency improvement
70K€ value delivered

Value delivered
Projects Completed

Seeing Is Believing

Our goal is to remove complexity for our clients, with a sharp focus on the ROI of the projects delivered.

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Their service is greatly appreciated. Clevermint is a very professional organization that puts the customer first.The service is superb, fast, accurate and flexible. We were highly impressed about their understanding of our problematics.

Pascal Lohest - Allia Insurance BrokersLuxembourg

Clevermint always comes up with creative and professional solutions with fast delivery, good communication and great service. They invest a lot of energy into their projects.

Amaury Gérard - PootsyBelgium

Thanks to the professionalism, the assistance, the fast reactions and the golden tips of clevermint’s team, we are eager to provide to our clients the “state-of-the-art” e-commerce platform saving us hours of low-value added administrative workload a day!

Anne Paridaens - Fait MaisonBelgium