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Web design includes lots of elements that work together to create the best UX (User eXperience) of a website, including graphic design, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation. 


Through a good strategy we are helping SMEs working more efficiently thanks to digital solutions. We help our customers focus on what matters most, their core business.


Odoo is a suite of business applications (such as for example: CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, etc.) that we set-up and integrate for our clients.


We develop customized websites or websites based on the main frameworks on the market (WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop etc.), depending on your needs.


We define and design applications and platforms that improve your efficiency at work.


We proceed to functional (Project conception & definition), technical (technical recommendation / development languages / technical support) and documentation analysis to better prepare each project on which we work.


We develop E-commerce solutions to boost your online sales, by integrating popular platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and many others.


Customer and change management are a reality. We help our clients in their digital transformation and we train their team using agile tools and vision.


We integrate ERP and CRM solutions to optimize your internal processes.


We organize brainstorming sessions in order to identify the pain points to address as the user to target; then to define the content and finally to assess KPIs to monitor the performances of the project.


We define and edit the required test cases, as the unit testing to provide the most qualitative projects. Functional and technical testing as validation process are as well covered by our teams.

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Our goal is to engage with our clients at a strategic level in order to continuously create value.
How do we proceed? We follow the Forrester’s IDEA methodology that has been reshaped in an innovative approach.”

  • I: Identify the pain-points and issues, the users (front and back), the moment of usage and the context,
  • D: Define the concept and Design the UX/UI of the concept (cfr. chapter on Design and navigation (UI & UX) for custom interfaces hereafter),
  • E: Engineer (develop or integrate) the interfaces, platforms and process to engage users and audience,
  • A: Assess and Analyze KPIs and results to monitor performance, engagement and ROI


User-centered design

We recommend a simple, clear and intuitive user interface. The art direction is firstly based on your corporate identity. Then we create the whole UI/UX taking into account the latest standards.
We focus on a “User-Centered design”. This methodology  is a process that brings the user’s needs into consideration from the early beginning of the project.

There are 3 level of objectives to consider:

Business Objectives – e.g. What can be financially viable?

Technical requirements – e.g. What is technically and organizationally feasible?

User Needs – e.g. What do users need for a good experience?

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We’re focused on providing our clients with agile and structured-driven approaches.


Our Multidisciplinary Team

Only committed people sharing our values.



Our teams are organized in order to co-create value with and for you. In order to do so, we see our clients as Partners in an innovative collaboration.


Values & Ethics

We seek to accomplish something that makes sense, generating so a positive impact and be respected for it.

What they say about us …

Sophie Dero Head of Marketing & PR at Disney

What was the objective of your collaboration?
To create an app that would serve as a guide for a physical treasure hunt
What did you appreciate the most during your collaboration?
flexibility, adaptability, understanding of the complex business matrix, respect of the budget and delivery time.

Sophie Hamour Strategic Buyer at the Belgian Red Cross

What was the objective of your collaboration?
The agency created a website for an internal digital catalog.

What did you appreciate the most during your collaboration?
*The availability
*The transparency of the production steps

Amandine Laridon Marketing & Communication at Dolfin SA

What was the objective of your collaboration?
To develop a new website for our two brands (Dolfin and Tohi) with many technical specificities (professional and private account requiring different prices, 4 languages, many products, multiple payment and delivery methods,…) and many requirements.

What did you appreciate the most during your collaboration ?
Quality work! Very professional team, attentive, available, efficient and transparent in the progress of the project!
Very pleased to collaborate with Clevermint, which I recommend without hesitation!

Benjamin Minard Innovation Expert @ Agoria / Business Model Innovation / Digital Transformation

Clevermint is a very professional organization. Their service is greatly appreciated. We have worked on several projects with a high level of satisfaction, despite significant pressure on the projects.

laughs a day






Maximilien Hubot CEO - Founder at WeCocoon

What was the goal of your collaboration?
I had the opportunity to work on WeCocoon with Clevermint and my experience with this team was literally spectacular. What explains this great feeling about Clevermint is that their main goal from day one was always collaboration with their clients.

What did you enjoy most during your collaboration?
From our initial meeting to the completion of the project, I was treated as a unique client. We both kept our promises and despite unforeseen circumstances, they were always extremely responsive and constructive in finding solutions. These are the little things that make this agency stand out from many others I have worked with in the past.

Anaïs Droeven Director of Colonel Restaurants

What was the objective of your collaboration?
Big optimization of the existing webshop and complete redesign of the website.

What did you appreciate the most during your collaboration?
The reactivity and an optimal “client-caring”!

Closon Coralie Founder and director of Coralie Closon - Jewelry creation

What was the objective of your collaboration?
To professionalize my site and develop e-commerce

What did you appreciate the most during your collaboration?
The efficiency and the will to lead us to a site that looks like us.

Are there areas where the agency can improve?
Sincerely none from my point of view.

Charles Dassargues Director of Cabinet dentaire DL

A very professional and responsive team that has given exceptional visibility and rapid development to our practice.

Wanna discuss your project?
Get in touch with our team.

Digital Transformation

For most companies, digital transformation doesn’t usually mean starting from scratch by reinventing the value proposition or the business model. Rather, it is about transforming the core business using digital tools and discovering new opportunities that digital offers.

The keys to success are:

  • focus on customer needs,
  • be flexible in the organization,
  • respect the incremental change (evolutionary),
  • recognize the added value of new technologies to be acquired.

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Value & Ethics

We want to grow sustainably, helping the world to grow in the right direction.
We define ourselves as a positive impact company because we want to improve the well-being of all those we impact, and this for every stakeholder: employees, suppliers, partners, communities, customers; but also future generations and the planet itself. We have not yet achieved this noble goal, but we are working on it every day at our humble level. This work is done with our customers in their strategic choices, as well as in our commitments with our partners and employees. We are aware of our responsibility towards society.

Evolution rather than Revolution

The problem is that many managers think that digital transformation implies

  • a radical disruption of their business,
  • new investments in technology,
  • a switch from physical to virtual channels.

Digital does not especially require a radical disruption of the value proposition. It is generally about using digital tools to better meet known customer needs.
Digital transformation, at the most basic level, means: adapting the strategy and structure of an organization to seize the opportunities offered by digital technologies.

For most companies, digital transformation is not at all synonymous with absolute disruption, whereby the old is completely swept away by the new. More often than not, transformation involves successive improvements to better deliver the core value proposition.

The challenge is to find the best way to meet the needs of its customers and employees, using digital tools. For most companies, it’s about continuing to best serve their core target audience (without becoming “Google”). The value proposition remains the same, but with a clever exploitation of digital technologies.

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Our IDEA methodology

Whether big issues or small, we gain insight into the process by analyzing the as-is situation, learning what we’re willing to achieve, and tailoring this information to the most adapted concept for improving the situation.

A content-first approach to user experience design requires a rigorous and user-focused assessment of your content in order to deliver only the content the user wants, when they want it.

To successfully transform the process into a digital experience, you need to have the most appropriate technology for the required usage, that’s not necessarily the preferred technology of your subcontractor, but the simply the one that suits your users’ needs.
The conceptualization phase of a project occurs in the initial design activity when the scope of the project is drafted and requirements are created. Being able to think ahead about the conceptualization of a project will help to predict if it is worth trying.

To monitor performance, engagment and ROI.

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