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Clevermint and Isabelle Arpin: A successful collaboration for “La Bonne Étoile”

Digital strategy agency Clevermint and talented chef Isabelle Arpin have joined forces to bring to life the new version of the “La Bonne Étoile” online shop. This bespoke catering and Michelin-starred e-shop concept offers customers an exceptional culinary experience, whether they choose to pick up their dishes directly from the Atelier Comptoir in Brussels or have them delivered to their home. With fresh produce and flawless presentation, La Bonne Étoile brings the same gastronomic quality of a restaurant to your home or office.

"Enjoy creative and refined cuisine" - Isabelle Arpin

A varied culinary offering

La Bonne Étoile offers a selection of inspired family dishes as well as vegetarian options based on plant proteins. 2 or 3-course menus and lunches are available, with a menu that changes monthly to offer a diversity of choices to its customers. Soups, starters, meat and fish dishes, menus, desserts, sauces, terrines… There really is something for everyone. Chef Isabelle Arpin’s savoir-faire is reflected in every dish, combining creativity, color and quality to satisfy the most demanding palates.

A major project to meet today’s challenges

The launch of the new version of La Bonne Étoile‘s online shop took on particular significance in the context of the closure of Isabelle Arpin’s restaurant. Faced with the challenges facing the restaurant industry, the collaboration with Clevermint enabled the chef to continue her business and offer an exceptional gastronomic experience to her customers, even outside the walls of the restaurant. The introduction of a delivery system throughout Belgium has also extended La Bonne Étoile’s reach, enabling more people to enjoy its culinary delights.

Collaborating with Clevermint
The Clevermint agency played a key role in the successful launch of the new version of La Bonne Étoile‘s online shop. Thanks to its expertise in digital strategy, Clevermint created an attractive, user-friendly and secure online platform, enabling customers to navigate easily between the various menu options, place orders and pay for their purchases in complete confidence. The agency worked closely with Isabelle Arpin to understand her specific needs, culinary vision and desire to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
Enhancing the identity of La Bonne Étoile 
Clevermint also contributed to the enhancement of La Bonne Étoile‘s identity through the graphic design of the site. The attractive visuals, tempting descriptions of dishes and use of harmonious colors reflect the spirit and refinement of Isabelle Arpin’s cuisine. Product presentation on the site is meticulous, allowing customers to get a clear idea of the dishes they are ordering. What’s more, Clevermint has integrated social network sharing functionalities, enabling customers to share their culinary experience with friends and family, boosting La Bonne Étoile’s visibility on the web.
Partnership with “Wibicom” 
This project was carried out in partnership with the “Wibicom” communications agency, which took charge of the complete overhaul of La Bonne Étoile’s graphic charter and visual identity. Thanks to their expertise in design and communications, Wibicom was able to capture the essence of La Bonne Étoile and create an attractive visual identity, in harmony with the quality and creativity of Isabelle Arpin’s dishes. The collaboration with Wibicom was once again a great success, reinforcing La Bonne Étoile’s image as the brand of choice for an exceptional culinary experience.
The collaboration between Clevermint and chef Isabelle Arpin for the launch of the new version of La Bonne Étoile‘s online shop was a real success. Thanks to Clevermint’s expertise in digital strategy, La Bonne Étoile was able to continue offering its culinary delights to customers, despite the restaurant’s closure. Isabelle Arpin’s expertise and creativity are evident in the fresh produce, flawless presentation and diversity of the dishes on offer. The new version of the online shop offers a fluid and pleasant user experience, highlighting La Bonne Étoile’s culinary identity.
With Clevermint and Wibicom as partners, La Bonne Étoile now shines even brighter on the Belgian digital and gastronomic landscape.

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