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Clevermint at the Big Data & AI show in Paris

Clevermint at the Big Data & AI show in Paris

Dimitri, our director, and Hajer, our technical manager, recently travelled to Paris for an unmissable experience.: le salon Big Data & AI Paris.

Organized as the major event for the entire Big Data and Artificial Intelligence ecosystem in France, the show offered two days of total immersion in the latest advances in Big Data and AI.

The event brought together 250 of the industry’s most influential players, shaping the AI landscape in France. Our motivation for taking part was clear: we wanted to meet the best of the French Big Data & AI scene, in search of new opportunities and strategic partnerships. Our main objective at this event was to detect the most innovative and influential Big Data & AI initiatives and models on the market. We wanted to assess the potential of the most promising and revolutionary Big Data & AI solutions available today.

On the program: top-notch conferences, concrete experience sharing, decisive meetings, and an exceptional showcase of the most influential and value-creating technologies of the moment.

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To begin with, here’s what we can summarize about the fundamentals of AI:
Generative Artificial Intelligence is a technological revolution comparable to the advent of the Internet. It is poised to fundamentally transform the way we interact with computers and the digital world as a whole. Here are some key points to understand its impact:
1. Transforming machine interaction
Generative AI pushes back the boundaries of human-machine interaction. It enables computers to generate responses and content in a manner similar to that of human beings. This breakthrough is crucial for automating complex tasks and enhancing the user experience.
2. Massive data processing
To get an idea of the sheer volume of data processed, consider that the world’s largest encyclopedia, Wikipedia, represents only a tiny fraction of the volume of data processed by Chat GPT. This ability to process huge amounts of information is one of the cornerstones of AI.
3. Boosting Innovation
AI is driving innovation in many sectors. It is enabling significant advances in medical research, logistics, finance, automotive and many other fields. Companies that adopt AI can gain in efficiency, accuracy and competitiveness.
4. Market disruption
AI is disrupting traditional market dynamics. Companies that embrace these technologies can increase their competitive advantage. It is also creating new opportunities for startups and innovative players to disrupt established markets.
5. Increasing accessibility
AI is remarkable because it is both disruptive and easily accessible. AI-based tools and platforms are becoming increasingly user-friendly, paving the way for rapid adoption by a wide range of businesses and industries.
AI is a major turning point because its technology is both disruptive (anyone who has tried GPT chat will have had a “waw effect” on their first use), with a very rapid level of adoption and extremely easy accessibility.
Next, here are a few concrete AI use cases
Applications available now:
  • General language processing
  • Multilingual text synthesis
  • Contract comparison
  • Content enhancement
  • Promotional material generation
  • Product descriptions
Possible applications in the (very) near future:
  • Automated question answering (FAQ)
  • Intelligent chatbots
  • Virtual assistants
  • Visual content creation
  • Correcting and writing source code
  • Website design
  • Presentation automation (e.g. Powerpoint)
  • Automatic contract generation and comparison
  • Generation of videos, didactic content, etc.
Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way we work and interact with technology, opening up infinite possibilities in many fields. It’s an exciting time for companies and innovators looking to harness the full potential of AI to drive growth and improve operational efficiency.
The landscape of Artificial Intelligence
It’s fascinating to see how the Artificial Intelligence landscape has evolved up to October 2023, with many major players offering AI solutions for business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) applications. Here are just a few examples of these players and their solutions:
Directly Available Solutions for End Users :
  • Microsoft Copilot
  • Google Workspace 
  • Google Bard 
  • ChatGPT 
  • Bing 
Solutions to be integrated into the customer’s Digital Ecosystem :
  • Microsoft Azure OpenAI services 
  • PaLM2 
  • Meta AI 
  • Amazon Bedrock 
  • Lighton
This diverse landscape of AI players and solutions reflects the growing maturity of the technology and its widespread adoption in business and consumer environments. Companies now have a wide range of options for harnessing the power of AI to improve their operations, productivity and customer experience.
Key points to emerge from our visit to the show:
AI as a reality
AI is no longer simply a buzz effect; it is now an established reality. A striking figure to remember is that there were 1.16 billion ChatGPT users in April 2023, illustrating the rapid adoption of this technology by the general public.
Incorrect assessment of short- and long-term effects
We feel it’s common to overestimate the short-term effects of AI while underestimating its long-term impacts. Fears of change are common, but it’s essential to recognize that AI will profoundly shape our lives in the near future.
Growing (but discreet) adoption of AI at work
Although AI is increasingly used in the workplace, it’s interesting to note that 68% of workers use it without telling their employers. This underlines both the discretion surrounding its use and the still untapped potential of this technology in the professional world.
Data privacy
It’s essential to remember that even in professional environments, you should never share confidential information with GPT chat or Google Bard, for example, as OpenAI and Google remain subject to US data privacy laws.
AI reliability
No AI is 100% reliable, and accuracy decreases as the scope of AI becomes more general. However, huge investments, such as Microsoft’s $15 billion investment in OpenAI, are being made to improve this technology.
The transformative impact of AI
AI is having a significant impact in many sectors, including IT. Concrete examples show how AI can significantly accelerate projects, improve performance and reduce costs.
Environmental challenges
Training AI is an energy-intensive step, and AI generates a significant carbon footprint. However, AI can also be used to combat climate disasters by improving the collection and processing of climate data.
This summary provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of AI and its impact on our society, while highlighting the accompanying opportunities and challenges. It shows how AI has become a transformative force in many fields, while reminding us of the importance of caution and responsibility in its use.
Why is this interesting for our customers?
Il nous semble essentiel pour nos clients de comprendre pourquoi l’IA et le Big Data sont particulièrement intéressants pour leur entreprise. Voici un résumé des avantages clés qui démontrent pourquoi ces technologies sont cruciales pour les entreprises, en particulier les PME :
  • Acceleration of project performance
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved customer understanding
  • Enhanced IT security
  • Accelerated innovation
  • Strategic investment and training
In summary, AI and Big Data offer exceptional opportunities for SMEs to improve their performance, strengthen their competitiveness and meet changing market demands. However, it’s essential to adopt these technologies thoughtfully and with the right support (for example, from our teams at Clevermint), and to engage in a continuous process of learning and adaptation to take full advantage of them.
Article co-written with the help of Chat GPT – quite appropriate given the nature of the article. 😊

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