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Our Odoo Experience 2022

After 2 years of covid and remote, Odoo comes back in force during its new EXPERIENCE 2022!

It’s in a double Palais du Heysel, full, that Fabien Pinckaers, CEO of Odoo, and all his teams present us all the new features of the new version of Odoo 16.

We were there, with Charlotte and Dimitri, for a day immersed in the world of Odoo. A day that impressed us in many ways!

On the agenda:
  • A Keynote Masterclass from the CEO ⌨️
  • A workshop on best practices for writing good “Specifications” 💻
  • 10 conferences during the day 🚴
  • Strategy and vision for partners 🤌
  • Some live demos 🤩

Odoo is one of the most versatile ERP tools on the market. “Odoo is one of the most popular business management software in the world,” according to EY.

Its goal is to help businesses with their day-to-day management – exactly the same mission Clevermint has set for itself.

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"Odoo is the product, Clevermint brings the service."

The tool is extremely customizable with its many modules and can be adjusted to any kind of structure. Thanks to it, you will save time and therefore efficiency and grow your business.

We were particularly impressed when Fabien Pinckaers started a live demo in the middle of the keynote to compare the speed of execution of Odoo (great evolution of this 16th version) compared to a monster like SAP. Fabien Pinckaers is definitely not afraid of anything or anyone.

The figures presented during the day made our heads spin:

  •  250 conferences over 3 days
  •  10.000 attendees (including 7.500 foreigners)
  •  5.000 hotel rooms
  •  15.000 liters of beer
  •  2.000 employees (900 new ones expected in Belgium this year)
  •  7 million users
New pricing
Customers will have access to all 82 applications available in the Odoo software at a standard price of 19.90 euros per month per user!
A second formula, at 29,90 euros, has been developed to meet more specific needs – which can be impelled by Clevermint’s team.
This new pricing strategy favors a price that evolves according to the number of users and no longer based on the management needs of the company.
As powerful as Odoo is, it remains a “tool”. It would be utopian to believe that it can be installed by everyone and in a few clicks ready to use. It requires a good analysis of the needs, for a successful configuration and implementation. It is not enough to subscribe and start. Not only must the tool be adapted to the processes of each company, but it is also necessary to train the teams in its use. That’s why Clevermint is here to help you and accompany you in the implementation of such a change.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that starting with Odoo is staying with Odoo. Indeed, Odoo applications are perfect to “communicate” with each other, however it is important to stay in the Odoo “ecosystem”. There is a whole market of third party applications that allow connection bridges between Odoo apps and external solutions (Shopify, Woocommerce, Mailchimp, etc.) but beware, not only are these applications not free but they are also limited. You can’t connect everything to Odoo, and Odoo will always push you to use their apps rather than external third party solutions.
The day was crazy! Extremely enriching, both for our knowledge of the tool and Odoo’s positioning, and for the analysis of such a success… And what’s more, it was Belgian!
The tool is really impressive and certainly meets +80% of the needs of companies (and particularly SMEs).
However, we would remain cautious about the “plug & play” aspect of the solution, clearly the setup and implementation of such a tool (ERP) requires much more resources (time, human and financial) than what the Odoo message implies.

Odoo remains a very serious option to consider for your ERP project, keeping in mind that there are also other solutions, including custom development, that can be quite relevant as well.

Contact us for any questions or projects with (or without) Odoo 🤩