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Corporate Social Responsibility by Clevermint

Clevermint is an organization that places a strong emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The management team at Clevermint has made it a priority to implement sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices in all aspects of the company for a few years now.

One example of this commitment is Clevermint’s paperless policy since 2018. The company has eliminated the use of paper in all of its operations, reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable work environment.

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"At Clevermint we take care of our work environment"

Another important aspect of Clevermint’s CSR is their focus on digital sobriety. This means that the company is mindful of the impact that technology can have on the environment and society, and they strive to use digital tools in a responsible way.

To promote sustainable transportation, Clevermint has implemented a no car policy for its employees. Instead, the company offers alternative transportation options, such as public transportation and bike-sharing programs.
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Clevermint also prioritizes the use of European solutions whenever possible. This includes hosting, SaaS tools, and payment modules. By supporting local and sustainable businesses, Clevermint is helping to promote a more sustainable economy.

In addition to these policies, Clevermint has created an ecologic work environment by incorporating plants in the office, offering organic and fair trade coffee from NewTree, and generating energy from its own solar panels. By taking a holistic approach to CSR, Clevermint is setting an example for other companies to follow.