About Clevermint: we transform features in benefits

Our multidisciplinary team is committed to their projects in order to bring as much value as possible.

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Results make us different

We’re large enough to be taken seriously but small enough to provide a great working environment delivering qualitative projects.

Our main asset is a measurable, result-driven but still human approach

Our Team


Dev Team Manager

“The team’s mom”


Digital Project Manager

“Mrs Ticket”


Digital Project Manager

“Anyone hungry?”


Digital Solution Finder

“Inspector Gadget”


Web Developer

“Forrest Gump”


Digital & Comm Strategist

“To the moon (and back)”


Lead Dev

“The Bro”


AD & Lead Design

“The captain (the real one)”

Our (quite idealistic) vision

Our ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on the world. Our work is about optimizing performance, understanding and mobilizing stakeholders, and working for each of them in a way that is consistent with our noble and benevolent purpose.

We therefore place our raison d’être and the human being at the heart of our business.

We wish to take an active part – given our size and resources – in the resolution of the major challenges we all face, both as companies and as individuals. This is because we believe that the economy will only thrive if the planet and its people are doing well.

The basic technologies needed for our business at Clevermint are the basis for a new “cleaner” economy: renewable energy, batteries, smarter AI, big data, etc. have become much more accessible, cheaper and are being implemented on a large scale (90% of the new energy injected into the global grid in 2020 was renewable).

Taking the criterion of “sustainability” as an indicator of success is not antinomic to business and free-enterprise (as we can still hear or read too often).




Helping SMEs working more efficiently thanks to digital solutions.

We help our customers focus on what matters most, their core business.

We are focused on creating value for companies through innovative solutions.




  • Empathy: our understanding of the needs and issues to be addressed
  • Technological neutrality – no product selling
  • Commitment – we are partners of our clients’ success

These elements are decisive for being able to shift towards the Digital World. In one sentence, our main asset is a measurable, result-driven approach.

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