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Hajer Trabelsi, our Technical Manager, on the Big Data & AI trade show in Paris

It’s with enthusiasm that I share with you my experience at the Big Data & AI trade show in Paris. As Clevermint’s Technical Manager, this event opened my doors to a world of opportunities and discoveries that promise to shake up the way we work and bring exceptional value to our business.

Access to the latest technologies and platforms was simply captivating. The show was an opportunity to dive right into the heart of AI and Big Data innovations, to discover the cutting-edge solutions that are already transforming our industry and will undoubtedly shape the future. The exhibition gave me an up-close look at how these tools work, and how we can integrate them into our future projects.

The workshops and live demonstrations were a real highlight. They offered us a valuable opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of how these technologies work, and to visualize their practical application. “I was able to feel the concrete impact of AI on our production and data management processes.”

Inspiration is a word that perfectly sums up my experience at the show. I was stimulated by new ideas and potential applications for our company. AI goes far beyond task automation; it promises a radical transformation of the way we work, from information management to real-time content personalization.

Meeting key industry players was an invaluable opportunity to develop our professional network. Exchanges with other experts and in-depth discussions with AI innovators opened up new perspectives for me and enabled us to forge valuable links for the future.

It was an honor to present Clevermint and our services in this prestigious setting. It gave us the opportunity to show how we are already integrating AI and Big Data into our solutions, while remaining on the lookout for the latest advances to offer an ever more efficient service to our customers.

“As a technical manager, I’m convinced that AI will fundamentally change the way I work.”
Hajer Trabelsi

Technical Manager , Clevermint

Here’s how I think AI will change the way I work every day:

  • Improved work efficiency and productivity: Automating data management with AI will speed up our processes and enable us to better tailor data for our research.
  • Simplified reporting: AI will simplify reporting by providing us with relevant data quickly and efficiently.
  • Real-time data exploitation: This capability will enable us to personalize content in real time, optimize resource utilization, detect anomalies and reinforce IT security.
  • Adding value to our organization: Automating tasks will free up time for our teams and strengthen our demand management.

AI has already begun to transform our industry, and has the potential to revolutionize it even further. It’s not just limited to IT, but will also affect fields such as finance, industry and many others.

In conclusion, attending trade shows and following IT events on a regular basis always remains an enriching experience for our careers. The Big Data & AI show in Paris reinforced my conviction that AI will play a central role in the future of our company and our industry. We are ready to meet these challenges and embrace these opportunities with determination.

Hajer Trabelsi
Technical Manager, Clevermint

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