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With the right strategy, we help SMEs to work more efficiently with digital solutions. We help our customers focus on what matters most – their core business.


At Clevermint, we firmly believe in the power of a well-designed digital strategy to optimize SME efficiency through digital solutions. We understand the challenges businesses face in the ever-changing digital world, which is why we deliver tailored strategies that enable our customers to focus on their core business while fully exploiting digital opportunities.


Our approach:

Needs assessment and objectives

We start by listening carefully to understand your specific needs, business objectives and challenges. Whether you’re looking to improve your internal processes, expand your online presence or optimize your operations, our approach starts with a thorough assessment to design a digital strategy that’s perfectly suited to your business.

Development of a digital roadmap

Working with your team, we draw up a clear, achievable roadmap for implementing your digital strategy. This roadmap details the milestones, timelines and resources required to achieve your objectives. We pay particular attention to feasibility and potential impact on your business, while remaining flexible to adapt to market developments.

Choosing the right digital solutions

We identify the digital solutions that best meet your specific needs. This may include implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system, automating processes, developing or redesigning your website, optimizing digital marketing, or integrating collaboration tools for greater productivity.

Integration and implementation

Our team of digital strategy specialists work in collaboration with our developers and designers to implement the chosen digital solutions smoothly and efficiently. We ensure that every step of the integration process is carried out with precision, and that the solutions work harmoniously together for a successful digital transformation.

Monitoring and optimization
We don’t stop at the initial implementation. We constantly monitor the performance of the solutions we implement, and are committed to continually optimizing your digital strategy to achieve the best results. Our aim is to help you make the most of digital technologies to maximize your efficiency, productivity and growth.

At Clevermint, we’re passionate about seeing SMEs thrive with the right, innovative digital strategy. We’re committed to guiding you through the complexities of the digital world, offering solutions that will enable you to focus on your core business with confidence. Together, we’ll build a successful digital future for your business.

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