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Take the Lead with Vlerick into the Digital Business Transformation program

Vlerick Business School  organises diverse learning programmes for professionals with a minimum
of three years’ business experience.

Dimitri, our CEO and founder of Clevermint, has decided to follow one of those programmes in Digital Business Transformation.
The goal of this initiative was to better understand and articulate the digital transformation challenge of creating organizational resilience and agility.

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Take the lead in future digital business  –  Drive change in a fast-moving business world“.
Stijn Viaene

Professor of Digital Transformation - Vlerick Business School

Dimitri is a digital business transformation expert who has been driving organizational change for over a decade. He is a champion of digitally-savvy change and believes in helping others develop and perform at their full potential.

What do successful companies in ever-changing business worlds have in common? Resilience and agility – factors that allow them to navigate the external environment and focus on future growth. This programme improves him for a his digitally-savvy and future-ready leadership role.


Take the lead in future digital business  –  Drive change in a fast-moving business world“.
Trough the program, I had the chance to live and learn approaches for a better agility and resilience – and I gained the skills to leap confidently into leading change in organisations.
Dimitri Blomme

Digital Transformation Expert, Clevermint

In his role, Dimitri is responsible for implementing and evaluating practices for creating digital-age resilience and agility. He is also focused on understanding the impact that disruptive technologies can have on organizations, detecting both potential threats and future-proof opportunities.


As a leader in digital transformation, Dimitri is dedicated to motivating and supporting others to contribute to their organization’s digital transformation efforts. His wealth of knowledge and experience in this field makes him a valuable asset to any organization looking to navigate the rapidly changing digital landscape.